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Tuesday 4 August 2015
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10 Tips to Look 10 Years Younger in 10 Minutes

 10 Tips to Look 10 Years Younger in 10 Minutes

10 Tips to Look 10 Years Younger in 10 Minutes

Being forty or above is not as bad for your looks as you imagine. There are ways in which you can look ten years younger in just ten minutes. This includes makeup techniques and other ways to look youthful.

1. Use primer on your face

One of the common mistakes that many women make it to apply lots of makeup to look younger. But that can actually have a reverse effect and make them look older. If you have to step out to a party and you want to instantly look younger, use a nude primer. Apply a coat of primer over your cheeks and forehead so that your loose skin becomes slightly taut and your complexion evens out.

2. Apply concealer under your eyes

The reason why women in their middle age look older than what they are, is because of their under eye patches. Use concealer to hide saggy skin and dark circles. Make sure that you apply only one layer of concealer so that your face doesn’t start looking cakey. Even if you don’t use eye makeup, you shouldn’t forget applying your concealer.

3. Apply mascara and highlight your eyes

Highlighting your eyes is one of the most important things you can do to look almost ten years younger in just ten minutes. Line your eyes with an eyeliner and spruce up your lashes with mascara. Use an eyelash curler and a brow definer if you have to attend a social or formal do.

4. Choose your dresses according to your body shape

Looking younger is not just about makeup but also about what you wear. Many women stop paying attention to their clothes after a certain age and this makes them look older. Choose your apparel according to your body shape. In a bid to look younger, don’t opt for overly stylish clothing which makes you look out of place.

5. Remove facial hair

Whether you are comfortable with bleaching, waxing, threading or plucking, get your facial hair removed to look young instantly. Removing facial hair will make your face look neater and take away years from your skin. This includes shaping your eyebrows, removing hair from your upper lip, forehead and cheeks.

6. Change your hairdo

Sometimes looking younger is an illusion. You can create this illusion by changing your hairstyle and trying something new. You could try an updo, a French roll or a new type of braid. A different hairstyle will create the illusion of newness and make you look younger instantly.

7. Use shapewear

The use of shapewear for women in their middle age is important because it keeps sagging skin in check. If your wear a short t-shirt over low waist jeans, the midriff you expose shouldn’t be hanging loose. Use shapewear to tighten your skin and look a lot younger. Shapewear includes camisoles, stockings, bustiers, waist cinchers and slimming body suits among other items.

8. Use a face mask

When you want to drop about a decade from your age without resorting to too much makeup or other styling techniques, you should use a face pack. First exfoliate your skin with a scrub so that your pores open up. Then use a fruit face pack to let your skin pores tighten again.

9. Use light lip color

Dark lip color is known to highlight spots and other problem areas on your face. You can counter this effect and look instantly younger by using light and pastel shade for your lips. You can also use pastel shades available in lip gloss.

10. Smile

Last but not the least – keep smiling. The power of a smile has been underestimated by many women. A smiling face looks cheery, bright and more welcoming than an expressionless face. Perk your face up with your million dollar smile and look ten years younger in less than ten minutes.

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